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Every issue of the Jaen Journal on Approximation includes a Miscellany section amongst whose purposes is to spread information about Jaén, its history, University and particular culture.

In the Miscellany section of the Jaen Journal on Approximation it is possible to find several articles about Jaén:

Diputación Provincial de Jaén:

Vol. 1 N. 1 (2009): Jaén, a place where one can live and feel
Vol. 1 N. 2 (2009): Sierras of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Nature Park, the green heart of Spain
Vol. 2 N. 1 (2010): Úbeda and Baeza. Legacies of renaissance art
Vol. 2 N. 2 (2010): The Castles and Battles Routes in Jaén province
Vol. 3 N. 1 (2011): Journey to the World of the Iberians
Vol. 3 N. 2 (2011): The southern Renaissance
Vol. 4 N. 1 (2012): Sierra de Andujar. A trip through the mountains of the Mediterranean
Vol. 4 N. 2 (2012): Jaén, the capital of an inland paradise
Vol. 5 N. 1 (2013): Oleo Tour Jaén
Vol. 5 N. 2 (2013): GR 247, a journey through the southern forest
Vol. 6 N. 1 (2014): Baños Árabes cultural Centre, Villardompardo Palace
Vol. 6 N. 2 (2014): Discover the inland paradise of Andalusia
Vol. 7 N. 1 (2015): Jaén, the landscape of the olive grove. Immersed in a sea of over 60 million olive trees
Vol. 7 N. 2 (2015): The splendour of the high Renaissance
Vol. 8 N. 1 (2016): El Tranco’s solar boat adds the finishing touch to the tourist attractions of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park
Vol. 8 N. 2 (2016): Sierra de Andújar Natural Park, a haven of biodiversity

Special Contributions:

Vol 1, N. 1 (2009):

Pedro A. Galera Andreu
Úbeda, a Renaissance Town
José J. Gaforio
Virgin Olive Oil and Health

Vol 1, N. 2 (2009):

Vol 2, N. 1 (2010):

Vol 3, N. 1 (2011):

Francisco Tomás Sánchez Cobo
Rentero's binomial: Chess and Linares

Vol 3, N. 2 (2011):

José Fernández García
The Enlightenment and Jaén

Vol 4, N. 2 (2012):

Antonio Almagro
A walk in Úbeda

Vol 7, N. 1 (2015):

Cristina Sanchez-Quesada, Alicia Lopez-Biedma and Jose J. Gaforio
Natural protection against cancer by minor compounds found in virgin olive oil

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