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About the Jaen Journal on Approximation

The Jaen Journal on Approximation is a new journal issued by a research group in approximation theory belonging to the Department of Mathematics at the University of Jaen in Spain, with the collaboration of outstanding international scientists.

It intends to publish original and high-quality peer-reviewed papers containing significant results in approximation theory and its applications in their broadest sense. This journal will include research articles, surveys, open problems and historical notes. It seeks quality rather than quantity, processing a reduced number of papers and printing the accepted papers in a short time.

The Jaen Journal on Approximation is published by researchers, for researchers, not for profit, without distributors, or intermediaries. It looks for a great diffusion of the published works.

The Jaen Journal on Approximation is printed in an unusual size, 20cm.x20cm., this making possible to write long formulae and easy to take it comfortably. The journal will be printed as main information storage system, but it will have also a electronic version given the usefulness that in the current moment this format represents. The Jaen Journal on Approximation will be printed on recycled paper.

The Jaen Journal on Approximation is intended to be accessible to all researchers around the world, so it is priced low and it has a great number of copies. Subscribers support is very much welcome. Even, copies of each issue will be sent, free of charge or with special subscription rates, to scientists and institutions of underdeveloped countries.

Contact: jja@ujaen.es
fax: +34953211871
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