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Printed papers
Jaen J. Approx. Volumes 1-13

Volume 1

Hrushikesh N. Mhaskar (1-25)
Polynomial operators and local smoothness classes on the unit interval, II  Full text 
Ioan Rasa (27-36)
Asymptotic behaviour of certain semigroups generated by differential operators  Full text 
Paul Sablonničre (37-53)
Rational Bernstein and spline approximation. A new approach  Full text 
József Szabados (55-65)
Interpolation by elliptic functions  Full text 
Hakop Hakopian, Kurt Jetter and Georg Zimmermann (67-81)
Vandermonde matrices for intersection points of curves  Full text 
Manfred von Golitschek (83-96)
Penalized Least Squares Approximation Problems  Full text 
András Kroó (97-109)
New results and open problems in approximation of convex and star-like surfaces by algebraic level surfaces  Full text 
Marie-Laurence Mazure (111-143)
On differentiation formulae for Chebyshevian Bernstein and B-spline bases  Full text 
Jorge Bustamante and Lorena Morales de la Cruz (145-173)
Positive linear operators and continuous functions on unbounded intervals  Full text 
J. R. Illán González (175-193)
Interpolatory quadrature formulas for meromorphic integrands  Full text 
Ioan Rasa (195-204)
Asymptotic behaviour of iterates of positive linear operators  Full text 
Mikhail K. Potapov, Boris V. Simonov and Sergey Yu. Tikhonov (205-222)
Relations for moduli of smoothness in various metrics: functions with restrictions on the Fourier coefficientes  Full text 
Francesco Altomare, Vita Leonesa and Sabina Milella (223-256)
Bernstein-Schnabl operators on noncompact real intervals  Full text 
G. Mastroianni and M. G. Russo (257-291)
Fourier sums in weighted spaces of functions. A survey  Full text 

Volume 2

Douglas Mupasiri and Michael P. Prophet (1-12)
On the difficulty of preserving monotonicity via projections and related results  Full text 
Hans Strauss (13-30)
Least squares approximation and extremal properties  Full text 
Péter Vértesi (31-49)
Some remarks on quadrature formulae  Full text 
German A. Dzyubenko, Dany Leviatan and Igor A. Shevchuk (51-64)
Nikolskii-type estimates for coconvex approximation of functions with one inflection point  Full text 
Bernd Bank, Marc Giusti, Joos Heintz and Luis Miguel Pardo (65-77)
Bipolar varieties and real solving of a singular polynomial equation  Full text 
Kirill A. Kopotun and Bojan Popov (79-91)
Moduli of smoothness of splines and applications in constrained approximation  Full text 
Jesús M. Carnicer and Mariano Gasca (93-112)
Aitken-Neville formulae for multivariate interpolation  Full text 
Héctor Cuenya, Sergio Favier, Fabián Levis and Claudia Ridolfi (113-127)
Weighted best local ||.||-approximation in Orlicz spaces  Full text 
Gagik Ktryan (129-143)
On the number of maximal planes of GC2 set in R3  Full text 
Károly Nagy (147-161)
Approximation by weighted means of cubical partial sums of double Walsh-Fourier series  Full text 
A. Bultheel, R. Cruz-Barroso, P. González-Vera and F. Perdomo-Pío (163-191)
Computation of Gauss-type quadrature formulas with some preassigned nodes  Full text 
M. Ehler (193-214)
The Multiresolution Structure of Pairs of Dual Wavelet Frames for a Pair of Sobolev Spaces  Full text 
José A. Adell (215-239)
Edgeworth expansions for smooth functions of standardized subordinators via differential calculus for linear operators  Full text 
András Kroó and József Szabados (241-253)
On Bernstein and Chebyshev type problems for k-monotone polynomials  Full text 
Francesco Altomare and Sabrina Diomede (255-287)
Asymptotic formulae for positive linear operators: direct and converse results  Full text 
D. S. Lubinsky (289-301)
Old and New Geronimus Type Identities for Real Orthogonal Polynomials  Full text 

Volume 3

Jorge Bustamante (1-14)
Some inequalities related to the moduli of smoothness of polynomials  Full text 
Karl Deckers, Adhemar Bultheel and Francisco Perdomo-Pío (15-66)
Rational Gauss-Radau and rational Szegö-Lobatto quadrature on the interval and the unit circle respectively  Full text 
Marie-Laurence Mazure (67-86)
A duality formula for Chebyshevian divided differences and blossoms  Full text 
Kannika Khompurngson and Charles A. Micchelli (87-115)
Hide  Full text 
Yuri Farkov, Ushangi Goginava and Tengiz Kopaliani (117-133)
Unconditional convergence of wavelet expansion on the Cantor dyadic group  Full text 
Yoshihiro Sawano (135-141)
Pasting reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces  Full text 
Vladyslav Babenko, Sergiy Borodachov and Dmytro Skorokhodov (143-160)
Optimal cubature formulas related to tomography for certain classes of functions defined on a cube  Full text 
Armen Apozyan (161-172)
A six-dimensional counterexample for the GMd conjecture  Full text 
Laura Gori, Francesca Pitolli and Elisabetta Santi (173-191)
Refinable ripplets with dilation 3  Full text 
Héctor Pijeira, Yamilet Quintana and José M. Rodríguez (193-207)
Sobolev formal orthogonality on algebraic curves and extensions of Favard theorem  Full text 
Shayne Waldron (209-226)
Affine generalised barycentric coordinates  Full text 
I. Bruj and J. Müller (227-239)
The concept of Faber derivative in saturation theory  Full text 
Mirella V. Mello, Vanessa G. Paschoa, Teresa E. Pérez and Miguel A. Pińar (241-259)
Multivariate Sobolev-type orthogonal polynomials  Full text 
Michael S. Floater (261-270)
The loss of Hölder regularity of four-point interpolatory subdivision on irregularly spaced points  Full text 
Claude Brezinski (271-280)
On Padé approximants and the ε-algorithms for vectors in 2 and 3 dimensions
 Full text 

Volume 4

Ágota P. Horváth and Péter Vértesi (1-13)
A contribution to the Grünwald–Marcinkiewicz theorem  Full text 
Marie-Laurence Mazure (15-45)
From Taylor interpolation to Hermite interpolation via duality  Full text 
Paul Sablonničre (47-59)
Explicit formulas for compactly supported radial basis functions with minimal degree  Full text 
Vesselin Vatchev (61-71)
An inverse of the running average operator for algebraic polynomials and its applications to shape preserving spline interpolation  Full text 
Vilmos Totik (73-83)
On normality of orthogonal polynomials  Full text 
Laura Castańo–García and Juan José Moreno–Balcázar (85-99)
Varying Sobolev type orthogonal polynomials: the Laguerre case  Full text 
J. Cacoq and G. López Lagomasino (101-120)
Convergence of row sequences of simultaneous Fourier-Padé approximation  Full text 
H. Hakopian and A. Malinyan (121-136)
Characterization of n-independent sets with no more than 3n points  Full text 
Jorge Bustamante and Miguel A. Jiménez Pozo (137-155)
Cheney and Sharma type operators and Korovkin test functions  Full text 
Horst Alzer and Qinghe Yin (157-170)
On trigonometric sums in two variables  Full text 

Volume 5

Vitaly E. Maiorov (1-18)
Moments of shifted radial functions with respect to orthogonal system of polynomials on the ball  Full text 
Bilal T. Bilalov and Tofiq I. Najafov (19-34)
On basicity of systems of generalized Faber polynomials  Full text 
Jesús M. Carnicer and Charles A. Micchelli (35-60)
Maximum entropy of nonnegative functions subject to convex constraints  Full text 
Ali Guven (61-80)
Approximation of continuous functions by de la Vallée-Poussin means of Fourier series on hexagonal domains  Full text 
Héctor H. Cuenya and David E. Ferreyra (81-99)
Best local approximation and lateral differentiability  Full text 
Jorge Bustamante and Miguel A. Jiménez-Pozo (101-178)
Meyer-König and Zeller operators and some of their modifications  Full text 
Nattapong Bosuwan, Guillermo López Lagomasino and Edward B. Saff (179-208)
Determining singularities using rows of Padé-orthogonal approximants  Full text 

Volume 6

Vladislav Babenko, Yuliya Babenko, Nataliya Parfinovych and Dmytro Skorokhodov (1-36)
Exact asymptotics of the optimal Lp-error of asymmetric linear spline approximation  Full text 
Gradimir V. Milovanovic (37-68)
Methods for the computation of slowly convergent series and finite sums based on Gauss-Christoffel quadratures  Full text 
Dinh Dung, Nguyen Van Dung and Nguyen Dinh Hoa (69-86)
Whitney’s theorem for local anisotropic polynomial Lp-approximation, 0 < p < 1  Full text 
Asuman G. Aksoy and José M. Almira (87-116)
On Shapiro’s lethargy theorem and some applications  Full text 
Paul Sablonničre (117-142)
Approximation by Baskakov quasi-interpolants  Full text 
Carlo Bardaro and Ilaria Mantellini (143-165)
Asymptotic expansion of generalized Durrmeyer sampling type series  Full text 
Marie-Laurence Mazure (167-198)
Polynomial spaces revisited via weight functions  Full text 
Jilali Abouir, Brahim Benouahmane and Abdelatif Elbouchouki (199-217)
A new family of multivariate matrix Pad approximants  Full text 
Bernhard Beckermann and Michel Crouzeix (219-231)
Faber polynomials of matrices for non-convex sets  Full text 
Davide Lettieri, Carla Manni and Hendrik Speleers (233-260)
Piecewise rational quintic shape-preserving interpolation with high smoothness  Full text 
German A. Dzyubenko, Dany Leviatan and Igor A. Shevchuk (261-295)
Pointwise Estimates of Coconvex Approximation  Full text 

Volume 7

Aref K. Kamal (1-9)
Finite dimensional Chebyshev subspaces of spaces of discontinuos functions  Full text 
Zoltán Markó (11-56)
Weighted gamma-K-functional and gamma-modulus of smoothness on the semiaxis  Full text 
Horst Alzer (57-95)
On inequalities for the Gamma Function  Full text 
Sorin G. Gal and Heiner Gonska (97-121)
Grüss and Grüss-Voronovskaya-type estimates for some Bernstein-type polynomials of real and complex variables  Full text 
Vasiliy A. Prokhorov (123-136)
On rational approximation and the discrete Hankel Operator  Full text 
V. Bayramyan, H. Hakopian and S. Toroyan (137-148)
A simple proof of the Gasca-Maeztu conjecture for n = 4  Full text 
József Szabados (149-150)
Erratum to ”Interpolation by Elliptic Functions”  Full text 
Mehrdad Simkani (151-164)
Regions of convergence for rational function series  Full text 
Fabián E. Levis and Claudia N. Rodriguez (165-175)
Multipoint Padé Approximants as Limits of Rational Functions of Best Approximation, Complex Domain  Full text 
Thomas Kunkle (177-201)
More on Favard interpolation from subsets of a rectangular lattice  Full text 
Martin D. Buhmann and Feng Dai (203-230)
Compression using quasi-interpolation by radial basis functions  Full text 
Fahreddin G. Abdullayev, Pelin Özkartepe (231-261)
Uniform and poitwise polynomial inequalities in regions with cusps in the weighted Lebesgue space  Full text 
Tivadar Danka (263-289)
Christoffel functions on Jordan curves with respect to measures with jump singularity  Full text 
Yauheni Rouba, Kanstantin Smatrytski and Yauheni Dirvuk (291-308)
Rational quasi-Hermite-Fejér-type interpolation and Lobatto-type quadrature formula with Chebyshev-Markov nodes  Full text 

Volume 8

Elena E. Berdysheva and Eman Al-Aidarous (1-26)
Szász-Mirakjan-Durrmeyer and Baskakov-Durrmeyer operators with respect to arbitrary measure  Full text 
Bernhard Moessner and Nada Sissouno (27-32)
A note on tensor-product spline approximation via extension operators  Full text 
Annie Cuyt, Wen-shin Lee and Xianglan Yang (33-58)
On tensor decomposition, sparse interpolation and Padé approximation  Full text 
Alexander V. Tovstolis (59-73)
Bernstein and Nikolskii type inequalities for entire functions of exponential type in Hardy spaces in tubes  Full text 
Jorge Bustamante and Miriam Cisneros-Martínez (75-95)
A strong inverse theorem for Bernstein operators in weighted spaces  Full text 
Mitsuo Izuki and Takahiro Noi (97-112)
The Hardy–Littlewood maximal operator on some critical weighted Herz spaces with variable exponent  Full text 
Doron S. Lubinsky and Walter Van Assche (113-149)
Simultaneous Gaussian quadrature for Angelesco systems  Full text 
Nattapong Bosuwan (151-173)
On Montessus de Ballore’s theorem for nonlinear Padé-orthogonal approximants  Full text 
José M. Almira (175-181)
On Loewner’s characterization of polynomials  Full text 
S. I. Bezkryla, O. N. Nesterenko and A. V. Chaikovs'kyi (183-190)
On high orders moduli of continuity generated by semigroups of operators  Full text 

Volume 9

Igor E. Pritsker (1-24)
Expected zeros of random orthogonal polynomials on the real line  Full text 
Giuseppe Mastroianni and József Szabados (25-36)
Barycentric interpolation at equidistant nodes  Full text 
V. N. Temlyakov (37-63)
The Marcinkiewicz-type discretization theorems for the hyperbolic cross polynomials  Full text 
Ferenc Weisz (65-83)
Lebesgue points and convergence over cone-like sets  Full text 
Avram Sidi (85-104)
A de Montessus type convergence study for a vector-valued rational interpolation procedure of epsilon class  Full text 

Volume 10

Andreas Keller (1-27)
B-spline approximation of elliptic problems with non-smooth coefficients  Full text 
J. Abouir and B. Benouahmane (29-48)
Multivariate homogeneous two-point Padé approximants  Full text 
B. A. Bailey and W. R. Madych (49-72)
Convergence and summability of cardinal sine series  Full text 
Kathy Driver and Martin E. Muldoon (73-80)
Ultraspherical and pseudo-ultraspherical polynomials  Full text 
A. Kroó and J. Szabados (81-100)
Polynomial inequalities with asymmetric weights  Full text 
Ferenc Weisz (101-131)
Summability of Fourier transforms in variable Hardy and Hardy-Lorentz spaces  Full text 
V. V. Andrievskii (133-145)
On Hilbert lemniscate theorem for a system of quasidisks  Full text 
A. Jakimovski and D. Leviatan (147-153)
A note on Hermite interpolation  Full text 

Volume 11

Vasiliy A. Prokhorov (1-29)
On the degree of rational approximation of Markov functions on discrete sets  Full text 
Horst Alzer (31-45)
Inequalities for the exponential function  Full text 
Yang Chen, Galina Filipuk and Maria das Neves Rebocho (47-65)
Nonlinear difference equations for a modified Laguerre weight: Laguerre-Freud equations and asymptotics  Full text 
Anat Amir and David Levin (67-89)
Quasi-interpolation for near-boundary approximations  Full text 
Sh. Al-Sharif, A. Ababneh and M. Al-qahtani (91-100)
Best coapproximation in certain metric spaces  Full text 
Lutz Klotz and Conrad Mädler (101-114)
Duality results for a general trigonometric approximation problem  Full text 
Stephen J. Dilworth and Divya Khurana (115-137)
Characterizations of almost greedy and partially greedy bases  Full text 
Oleksiy Klurman and Safoura Zadeh (139-149)
V. Markov’s problem for k-absolutely monotone polynomials and applications  Full text 
Kamonrat Nammanee and Kannika Khompurngson (151-167)
Hypercircle inequality for data error measured with l\infinity norm  Full text 

Volume 12

E. Berdysheva, S. Mehmonzoda and M. Shabozov (1-23)
Approximation of functions of several variables by continuous linear splines on rectangular grids  Full text 
Anatoly S. Serdyuk and Tetiana A. Stepaniuk (25-40)
About Lebesgue inequalities on the classes of generalized Poisson integrals  Full text 
M.A. Navascues and P. Viswanathan (41-68)
Bivariate nonlinear fractal approximation in Lebesgue spaces  Full text 
Ha Huy Bang, Vu Nhat Huy and Nguyen Ngoc Huy (69-88)
A Bernstein inequality for differential and integral operators on Orlicz spaces  Full text 
Horst Alzer and Man Kam Kwong (89-109)
On some inequalities for sine polynomials  Full text 
K. B. Datta and Somantika Datta (111-154)
Application of Zernike polynomials in solving certain first and second order partial differential equations  Full text 
Anat Amir and David Levin (155-173)
Reconstructing piecewise smooth bivariate functions from scattered data  Full text 
Song-Liang Qiu, Xiao-Yan Ma and Jian-Hui He (175-200)
New inequalities for the exponential function  Full text 

Volume 13

Vladyslav Babenko, Yuliya Babenko and Nadiia Kriachko (1-28)
A solution to Stechkin's problem for functions of a self-adjoint operator in a Hilbert space, Taikov-type inequalities, and their applications  Full text 
Monika Nowicka and Alfred Witkowski (29-41)
Optimal bounds for the sine and hyperbolic tangent means III  Full text 
Shira Faigenbaum-Golovin and David Levin (43-73)
Approximation of functions on manifolds in high dimension from noisy scattered data  Full text 

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